Auto Glass Replacement Only Covered With Comprehensive Insurance Policy!

There are three types of auto insurance policies you can buy for your vehicle: liability, collision and comprehensive.

Liability is the cheapest because it only pays for someone else’s damage if you are involved in an accident.

Collision pays for your car to be repaired if you get into an accident.

Comprehensive insurance pays for EVERYTHING, including all the little things that can possibly happen besides accidents, including theft, vandalism, rock chips hitting your window and full windshield replacements.

However,  keep in mind that you may still have to pay a deductible if you opted for it when you started your current policy. Most people choose anywhere from a $100 to $250 deductible because their monthly insurance premiums go down when they do.

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It’s not ironic that your bill gets substantially lower when you press “$250 deductible” when signing up for full coverage insurance. They know that this is the average price point for most auto glass replacements and they don’t want to be on the hook for millions of them every single year.

If you have a brand new or leased car then your insurance policy will most likely the windshield you need will only be available through the dealer and they will charge you an arm and a leg for it.

The end result: in most cases do not expect your insurance company to cover the costs of replacing your windshield.

If a rock hits your car then your best course of action will be to get it repaired ASAP.

You would not believe how fast it can spread.  Do not get a car wash until you get the small chip filled in. The hot water will make the chip expand at least an inch.

It is also worth saying that some policies come with a prevision to pay for small chip repairs if you take care of them soon enough. If you have the provision built into your policy then you can stop at one of those tents you see at busy corner gas stations and get it taken care of.  Most quick-lube stations, like Jiffy Lube, now offer small rock chip repairs as part of their additional services menu and they can bill your insurance for it.